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There are many other worlds that could be touched upon. Pick your favorite and I’ll write a history of it. Ok, here’s what we got:

IRKED!, Seventh Sea, SkyCandy, RKS, Toki-Toki, Toki-Toki TROIS, Victory Clan, Golden Wire, Pinball, Nameless, Plasmic Cannon, SOULS, Max Warfare, VOOLEN!, and XV.


The Beginning

2012. The world is full of weasels. I’m sure you know what I mean by that… and there is very little hope that things will change for the better. But the timeline inexplicably splits - one side, our world, never improved. The other side was to be… the comic world. It’s not known how or why it split, but it is known that it indeed did. The comic world didn’t become that immediately. It started with the construction of a catalyst building, designed as a nuclear base of sorts. But the Comicans intervened. A fairly large group of people allied as one, with Mack Hawthorne as their leader, and with help from a strange stone (now known as the Nikiski) made the base their own. Installing the stone in a receptor was the final step. The entire world was immediately swept in a comic beam, morphing its entirety into cartoons or, in the case of the weasels, wiping it out. The entire region of China was instantly eradicated, as an example. That which remained discovered it wasn’t just appearance - they could do all the things comic characters could do. Thus began the legacy.

“The scribes record history. The history of all the worlds, from Fallout to Dora’s FunLand Adventure, is recorded in some way. But there is no recorded history as of yet for Comican Village; in fact, only one person even knows it. So, I will record it here.”
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